Drako Dragon, the new all-Italian electric SUV with incredible performance: it has a power of 2000hp

Presented Drako Dragon, the new electric SUV that recharges quickly and ensures incredible autonomy. But we will have to wait.

Drako Dragon
Drako Dragon – Motors.News

Is called Drako Dragon and it is an electric SUV that already promises to revolutionize the sector of zero-emission engines. To see it in action we will have to wait a little longer since the market debut is expected in 2026: however, we already have all the necessary technical data to know its incredible characteristics.

The construction is American, but there is also a pinch of Italy since the design belongs to the Turinese GranStudiowith designs entrusted to Lowie Vermeersch who chose a sporty look that seems to bring together some parts of the Lamborghini Urus and Eletre.

Drako Dragon: a monstrous all-electric SUV, scary performance

Drako Dragon is built to the last detail. We have already mentioned the front design, to which we now match the speech of the rear, with a sort of “truncated tail” which further enhances the gullwing doors. This facilitates access on board and, if you like, gives the car an even more futuristic and sporty look.

Drako Dragon
Drako Dragon – Motors.news

Because to support the design there is also one clever arrangement of LED lights from the groundas well as additional lights installed on the roof which will improve driving even in the most complicated conditions.

And speaking of the future, the dashboard for the driver looks like that of a spaceship: very few physical commands, and all dedicated to the conventional things of a car, such as indicators, windshield wipers, lights and horns, while for the rest it is all entrusted to one digital instrument panel configurable at willwith a huge display in the central part.

Monitors also provided for passengers in the rear, who can thus decide to watch films, TV series and other multimedia contents at will. A bit like being on an intercontinental plane.

Speaking of what are the futuristic features of this Drako Dragon, let’s start with the presence of a technological platform designed to manage any aspect of the machine. We’re referring to things like infotainment and navigation, battery management, and more.

The system will be so advanced as to allow the user to update everything over-the-air as if it were a mobile phone, in order to always be ready with the latest news.

The technical data is scary: four electric motors, each per wheel, combined together to transfer torque instantly and precisely when you need it. Drako’s cooldown goes up to 500 kW and allows have 540 kilometers of autonomy in just 10 minuteswhile the grand total is 6756.

Drako Dragon Interior
Drako Dragon Interiors – Motori.news

We are talking about a feature so advanced that today, in the world, the fastest charging station is at 360 kW and to see something of this type, or rather, in Europe we will have to wait a little longer.

The wait, however, could be worth it for one 2000 horsepower electric monster which will give us 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 1.9 seconds and a top speed exceeding 320 km/h. The braking compartment is ensured by carbon ceramic discs.

The launch, as mentioned, is expected in 2026 with the first deliveries. The car will be produced in the United States in about 5,000 units a year, but pre-sales have already started. The price? About $290,000.

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