Suzuki Hayabusa takes on the colors of the GP, lots of horsepower but without giving up too much comfort

The new Suzuki Hayabusa is a dream for enthusiasts: it looks like a motoGP and is a concentrate of technology.

Suzuki –

Is called Suzuki Hayabusa GP Edition certainly not by chance the new two-wheeler presented by the Japanese house: the colors recall the livery of the GSX-RR models seen in MotoGP and conducted by Joan Mir and Alex Rins for Team Ecstar.

Can we define it as a dream for enthusiasts? Yes, absolutely, because you’ll have the sensation of riding a MotoGP bike, with the addition of all the concentration of comfort and technology typical of a two-wheeler you buy from a dealer.

The funny thing is that this model seems to have been born almost by chance. At the beginning it was just a show bike on the occasion of the Turin Autolook Week in September 2022: a few specimens were made, just for sample purposes.

However, the Japanese company did not ignore the enthusiastic reaction from fans and thus decided to make that project a real special series already available for pre-order and with first deliveries promised for the first quarter of 2023.

With Suzuki Hayabusa GP Edition and it will be like having a MotoGP

There new Suzuki Hayabusa it is available for booking on the e-commerce site of the Japanese manufacturer and on the dealerships of the network managed by the Italian branch. You will have the option to choose between two colors, Racing red And Racing Yellow.

Suzuki Hayabusa GP Edition
The two colors of the Suzuki Hayabusa GP Edition –

These two colors fill the frame underneath the headlight in particular, as well as the grilles on the sides of the fairing, the stickers on the wheels and the tail around the saddle. Obviously, slate silver and blue dominate, which are now an indistinguishable hallmark of Japanese racing two-wheelers.

But we know what you’re thinking: this Suzuki Hayabusa has the looks of a MotoGP, but also the performance? You won’t be disappointed, because the 1340 cubic centimeter engine guarantees you a power of 190 horsepower with a maximum torque of 150 Nm. Euro 5 emissions, speed up to 299 kilometers with electronic limiter.

Technologically speaking, the presence of the system should be noted Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alphabetter identified with the acronym SDMS-α, which describes the presence of three predefined driving modes alongside three others that can be customized to your liking.

We also have the speed control system as standard, together with the Launch Control System on 3 levels, theEmergency Stop Signal and the Motion Track Brake System on 2 levels. The TFT-LCD display placed in the center of the handlebar, it allows you to view and manage all this concentrate of technology.

Suzuki Hayabusa GP Edition Pista Red
Suzuki Hayabusa GP Edition Rosso Pista –

We close with the availability and the price. We have mentioned that the Hayabusa GP Edition is available for booking both through official e-commerce and at official Suzuki dealers. The starting price is 23,690 euroswith deliveries starting in Q1 2023.

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