today they start to fine you for this too

The navigator is essential when you are driving, especially when you are moving in totally unfamiliar areas, you are late and you really don’t want to get lost and waste unnecessary time wasting petrol.

Navigator, never use it like this
Navigator, never use it in this way –

This is why, before setting off on a long journey, to have a clear road ahead and to arrive on time, being constantly informed about traffic conditions, the presence of any speed cameras, checkpoints or delays caused by accidents, you look up the road on Maps.

For all these reasons, the navigator is certainly a quick fix, which saves the lives of all motorists. Be careful though, because you need to know how to use it. There are some instances where it can be man’s worst enemy.

We are not talking about when the navigator gives wrong directions, not being updated but of transgressions and non-compliance with the rules of the road code which does not forgive and which therefore causes more than heavy fines in the presence of agents or speed cameras.

Driving is an act of responsibility, that’s what happens if you get distracted

Driving means having to be concentrated all the time on the road, you are responsible for your own life and for the lives of others, therefore of passengers or other people traveling on the road, motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Consequently, no distractions of any kind are allowed, much less the use of the Smartphone and of the maps integrated in it on the app. This rule does not only refer to the use of cell phones but also to the physical navigator in the car.

As absurd as it may seem or be, the navigator should never be used even if mounted on the vehicle because it shifts attention to something else and therefore can cause serious or less serious accidents.

What are the consequences if you drive with your hands occupied by the navigator

To conclude, therefore, we can say that holding the mobile phone in hand with the satellite navigator active while driving means voluntarily committing an infringement of the highway code which it has a considerable cost and weight.

In fact, in the presence of the Police, traffic wardens or Carabinieri, you can be fined because you do not respect thearticle 173 of the Highway Code, paragraph 2. According to this article, there is a fine for using accessories that keep your hands busy while the car is on-

The fine for those who use GPS while I’m driving it ranges from €161 to €646 and varies because everything changes based on the seriousness of the offense committed. But that’s not all, if a novice driver were to make this mistake, the consequences would be more serious.

If, on the other hand, you were caught making the same mistake again within 2 years you would run the risk of having your license suspended for at least a month.

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