RAI stamp duty and license fee reset, this is what the new amnesty provides for

Following the cancellation of tax bills of less than €1000, some unpaid taxes will be discarded, probably this will also concern the stamp duty and Rai fee, but be careful because you need to check some details that make the difference.

stamp duty and rai fee zeroed
Rai tax and license fee reset – motori.news

These are measures that the government has introduced to help families, businesses and taxpayers in difficulty. These, they have been well received especially by those who turn out to be in debt for years and who have received multiple threatening tax bills over the past few months.

In any case, the situation is not yet clear, so explanations must be given to try to clarify every aspect.

The story of a taxpayer similar to that of a thousand others

Take as an example the request for a taxpayer who hasn’t paid for 4 years the car tax, as well as the Imu and the Tari. The sum of both a debt and the other is around € 1200, the user wonders if he is forced to pay or if he can hope for the cancellation of the debt. There are many cases like this, there are really many people indebted to the tax authorities, we are talking about taxes evaded almost entirely or minimally, which still remains a crime.

About this a distinction must be made between those who have the money and those who do not pay and those who do not have them and therefore cannot do so, this is the case of taxpayers called to choose between priorities, i.e. shopping or paying taxes. In this case, here comes the official cancellation of the tax records up to a maximum of €1000. The proceeding is ready to help all those who I’ve been struggling for years the amnesty was established precisely for this reason but also for economic reasons.

car tax
Stamp – motori.news

Because the State decides to focus on amnesty and the cancellation of tax records

In order to recover €1000, the State has to spend much more money to send the folders and trace the debtors, among other things there are those users who, despite everything, choose not to pay, for which it is necessary to start other proceedings which have a considerable cost. Some folders are also of deceased users, others of heirs in disastrous economic conditions, others of bankrupt self-employed workers.

For all these reasons, the Government has decided to proceed as in 2010. But be careful because as regards the unpaid car tax, if this is not yet in the hands of theRevenue Agency but among those of the Region there is nothing else to do but wait for the same thing to be done for the RAI license fee, for the Imu and the Tari.

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