Furbetto hadn’t paid the toll for years and accumulated 18 thousand euros in debt, in the end he was reported

A Neapolitan taxi driver circumvented the motorway electronic toll system for 15 years, the transgressor was discovered and reported with a debt of €18,000.

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We know the Italian motorway toll system, it is paid automatically at the toll booth or thanks to the Telepass system, a device installed in the car. The latter is linked to the user’s bank account, which allows passage without stopping at the motorway barriers.

A recently uncovered story is that of a Naples taxi driver who bypassed the system for years without paying the toll. There is talk of a15 year escapeindeed it was since 2008 that the taxi driver did not pay the toll on the ring road, avoiding over 18 thousand euros in tolls.

The case of the Neapolitan taxi driver denounced

He reports the news the ANSAwhich reported that the agents of the Fuorigrotta Traffic Police were looking for the driver of a Fiat Multipla since 2008. Just from that year, the smart guy managed to avoid tolls with automatic debit, traveling freely on the Telepass lanes of the Tangenziale without connecting any device in the vehicle to a current account.

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He was not in possession of a regular contract to be able to pay the toll, accumulating over the years a debt of 18,783.70 euros.

The Naples police were first able to identify the license plate and then were able to confirm that it was a car registered as a taxi, owned by a man from the province of Naples, with a valid license issued by the municipality.

Many checks by the police forces, during the various passages in the Telepass lanes, have shown that the actual driver who drove the vehicle was also the owner of the taxi. The taxi driver with a debt exceeding 18,000 euros was charged with fraudulent insolvency. Not only that, the police have also sent a report to the public transport of Naples to take competent measures.

The Telepass and its cunning

It has already happened to talk about such an unpleasant episode. In the past, in fact, the traffic police identified the aforementioned “smartass of the Telepass” who had accumulated a total amount of unpaid tolls of 100,000 euros. They are users who had studied a way to travel for free on the Treviso section, on the A27 motorway.

While this is a very effective method, it also puts cars a collision risk: the user enters one of the barriers, takes a ticket, queues at a machine exiting the toll booth with Telepass, sliding as quickly as possible before the barrier closes.

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Other users went through the automatic exit door, inserting a depleted Viacard, so that they could close the bars and collect the payment receipt, never going to pay the amount. A trick that has allowed a Lombard company to accumulate 17,000 euros of unpaid tolls in one year, with the evident risk of foreclosure of the vehicles.

After this episode, the traffic police strengthened their controls so that such unpleasant episodes do not happen again.

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