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A very important change is expected in the coming months regarding millions and millions of traffic lights positioned on Italian roads. What revolutionary move was designed to improve road safety even more? Here’s everything you need to know about this story and what changes are being planned.

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The stoplight is a light signal used to regulate road traffic in dangerous intersections, pedestrian crossings and in various other specific situations. The traffic light is equipped with three lights of different colors. A general convention provides that the passage at the intersection is allowed with the green lightwhile it is strictly forbidden with the Red light.

The yellow-orange color, instead, it is a cross between green and red and warns users of the imminent change of situation, i.e. the transition from green to red.

If the use of colors is the same all over the world, the same cannot be said for the shape, structure and other similar details. The same thing goes for the graphics inside the traffic light. For example, in Germany there is a little man with a hat graphic. In Italy, on the other hand, the traffic light is vertical and there are no particular strange or specific graphics.

But what will change in the coming months? Let’s discover the important revolution inherent in the use of traffic lights. Everything has been thought for further enhance road safety in the presence of intersections regulated by traffic lights. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The traffic light revolution: this is what will soon change

Through a decree approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, there will be a very important novelty within two years from this period. The decree was designed to improve the road crossing by making it equivalent to indications present in the European Regulation 305/2011. But what will change?

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Traffic light with countdown: this is what will change – Motori.News

The decree was signed in September by former minister Giovannini and foresees a fairly evident novelty, to which people have been accustomed to seeing for some time only in a few cities. We refer to traffic lights equipped with countdown. What are they? What changes?

In the next two years these specific traffic lights will no longer be a rarity, but will have to spread more and more in the cities and on the streets of our country. The countdown will improve road safety and all users will be informed in real time about the seconds left for the transition from red to green and vice versa.

This measure will ensure increased safety at intersections both for motorists and motorcyclists and for pedestrians and cyclists, users most at ‘risk’ on the roads. The countdown will also be added to the surveillance cameras.

Thanks to the countdown, each user will be informed in advance of the time available to cross the intersection. In this way, the risks will truly be minimized in any situation and for any category of road user.

But will traffic lights with countdowns be mandatory everywhere? No, the installation of these devices will only be required near dangerous intersections. It will be this element, therefore, that will determine the obligatory presence or not. In all other cases, the road managers will choose whether to keep the current traffic light or to adapt to this new decree equipped with a countdown system.

In the next two years all the Municipalities will have to adapt to the decree implemented by the Government. An innovative way to ensure maximum safety in every city in our country.

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