compensation of over €6,000 was requested

The Telepass device allows you to avoid queues at the various motorway toll booths, guaranteeing a preferential and fast lane to the owners of this service. In the last few hours, however, a scam has emerged carried out by an Italian woman, who passed the toll booth without paying a euro. But what illegal trick have you used 145 times? Here are all the details on this incredible story.

Telepass – Motors.News

Those who often travel on the motorway know how important it can be to have a small box to install in the car. This service is called Telepass and allows users to avoid queues at various toll booths and pass without any ‘waste of time’.

The annual cost of the Telepass is very few tens of euros. The service is specially designed to make life easier for motorists, making the passage through the toll booth more practical. Since 1998, the Telepass service has been extended to everyone, after an initial trial period. Since then, the number of people benefiting from this service has expanded dramatically.

Telepass – Motors.News

The expense is then charged to the account three months after the toll booth. But in the last few hours an incredible scam has emerged carried out by a 44-year-old woman on the motorway stretches between Tuscany and Lombardy. What did he come up with to never pay the toll 145 times? Here are all the details on this truly absurd story.

The Telepass scam: here is the incredible plan implemented by a woman

A 44-year-old woman, resident in Lombardy, defrauded the Autostrade company 145 times in the period between July and December 2018. This is what has emerged in the last few hours after the complaint implemented by Autostrade per l’Italia. But how did he do this scam? Here’s everything you need to know.

Telepass scam - Motori.News
The Telepass scam put into practice by a 44-year-old woman – Motori.News

The woman – aboard her Peugeot – she followed the car in front of her and was able to take advantage of her slipstream to the centimetre, without closing the toll gate. A move that allowed her not to pay even one euro 145 times.

The cameras placed at the various motorway exits have ‘tracked out’ the woman years later. Now the woman will have to compensate the Autostrade per l’Italia company of over 6 thousand euros – 6 thousand and 632 euros to be precise. In fact, the sums not paid by the woman have been estimated at around 60-70 euros per trip.

THE motorway toll booths who saw the 44-year-old darting behind the unwitting cars are those of Florence, Milan, Scandicci, Pisa, Prato, Bergamo and many more.

On August 5, 2018, the woman implemented this scam move 5 times. A trick that allowed her to never pay anything, however, always jeopardizing everyone’s road safety. And in court, then, the woman will have to answer not only to the accusations of fraud, but also to those relating to the endangerment of road safety.

The charges against the woman, therefore, could further aggravate. You will certainly know more in the coming weeks. The lady had come up with the plan perfectly, underestimating the presence of the video surveillance cameras of the various toll booths. An oversight that will now cost her dearly, not only in economic terms.

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