Future proof? KTM rewards its little phenomenon with the MotoGP

KTM pampers Pedro Acosta. For the Spanish talent, a few laps on the MotoGP bike, with an eye to the future.

KTM rewards his talent – ​​MotoriNews

Last year the MotoGP was shaken by the arrival of a very young talent. There was just that Pedro Acosta did not write history at the level of precociousness, but the debut title in Moto3 it was something that hadn’t been seen for a long time. The transition to Moto2 was initially a bit complex, then the Spaniard went wild. KTM is keeping a close eye on the little rider and has decided to reward him. These days, weather permitting, there is the RC16 for him, or rather the MotoGP. A ‘gift’ with clear future intentions…

First tests in Jerez

Closed the season as the best Moto2 rookie, Pedro Acosta will face a different challenge. In fact, these days the layout of Jerez will see various teams from the two minor classes in action for some tests with a view to 2023. For the MotoGP there is the test rider Dani Pedrosa, therefore the only one that KTM can send to the track at this time of year. But precisely, in the box occupied by the test team there is a distinguished guest. The young “Shark of Mazarron”, as he has been nicknamed, will first of all be an attentive observer, then he will mount the RC16 for the first time. Just a few test rides, but it’s already quite a lot prize for Acosta, who has already applied as a driver to observe for the 2023 World Cup after the second part of the season in clear growth. claim the ‘miracle‘ seen in Moto3 it was too much, but there are no particular doubts for next season.

No to KTM: “I wasn’t ready”

In short, the house in Mattinghofen is trying to hold tight the young Spanish talent. A driver who has been growing for some time, who he has seen win before in Rookies Cup and then into Moto3while it is now in Moto2. Always with the name of KTM well printed on motorcycles, overalls, uniforms. It is no secret then that there was theidea to bring it already in MotoGPbefore Acosta himself made himself heard His voice. As happened with the reigning vice-champion Ai Ogura, the Spaniard also responded with a net no. “They asked me at the beginning of the year, after four consecutive zeros. I wasn’t ready he confirmed to ‘Diari de Tarragona’. Everything in time for him. “I want to fight for the title, or at least have a season where I feel prepared. I have no intention of moving to MotoGP at any cost.” With whom? The answer is obvious. KTM believed in me and it allowed me to get to the World Cup.” Program postponed, first you have to win.

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