you risk not seeing anything anymore

Road safety is the most important aspect to keep in mind when driving. A correct view is essential to ensure maximum safety for you and other road users. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to always have clean glasses and without those annoying streaks present. When to replace wiper blades? Here’s everything you need to know so you don’t risk anything!

Windscreen wipers
Windscreen wipers –

Your car’s windshield and rear window should always be as clean as possible. In this way, the view you will have both in front and behind while behind the wheel will not be penalized. A very important aspect to keep in mind, so that road safety is always respected to the fullest.

Often times your car windows get dirty. The reasons may be due to dust, sand, ordinary dirt and various precipitations, such as rain, snow, hail and so on. It therefore becomes essential that the wiper blades are always perfectly functional.

Like all the elements present in your car, too the wiper blades are subject to wear and deterioration. Normal use, in fact, over time creates deformation of the brushes and greater resistance during the action of the windscreen wipers. Nothing serious, however.

Car wiper blades - Motori.News
Wiper blades – Motori.News

The important thing is to NEVER delay cleaning or replacing your wiper blades at the first signs of wear and deterioration. Usually, we will be ‘notified’ by the presence of annoying streaks on the glass, which cause a more reduced view to the user while driving! Let’s find out now when to change the wiper blades and how to make them last longer over time!

Windshield wipers, that’s when you have to change these important elements!

The average life of the wiper blades is about one year. Obviously, this is one relative indication and much will depend on the use and particular situations that these elements have had to ‘deal with’ over time. As anticipated, If you notice streaks on the glass when you operate the wipers, then something is wrong.

Wiper blades strips - Motori.News
If you notice streaks on the glass, then you will need to replace your wiper blades – Motori.News

Indeed, after operating the windscreen wipers, no trace of dirt or annoying streaks should remain on the glass. Also, if they do noise on the glass, then it means that the wear is at the highest level. It will therefore make immediate replacement of the brushes is necessary.

If the noise is absent, but only the annoying streaks remain on the glass, then you can try clean the brushes before proceeding with their possible replacement. If after having done this operation nothing changes, however, the immediate replacement of the brushes will become necessary.

If the brushes no longer clean some areas of the glass or if they leave streaks on it, it means that they are deformed and there is nothing else to do but change them. Brushes can deteriorate due to many factors. First, the fragility of rubber. Furthermore, excessive use of them, sudden changes in temperature and the possible presence of a frozen windscreen in the winter months contribute to wear.

How to make wiper blades last longer? There are tricks to ensure a longer life to these elements. There frequent cleaning of these elements – through a cloth and a degreasing product – is undoubtedly the first move to make. Furthermore, it is essential not to operate the windscreen wipers ‘dry’ on the glass. It therefore becomes advisable to operate the windscreen washer fluid outlet at the same time.

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