Checkpoints, fines on more than half of the people stopped: they check everything

Controls at checkpoints have increased a lot in recent weeks and consequently, fines for those who do not respect the highway code have also increased.

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Sanctions risk –

In particular, the local police of Polla carry out these checks, with the commander Andrea Santoro who organize the verification operations.

The commander has launched a full-fledged Task Force to encourage the checks of all the cars passing on the Roman bridge, which for those who are in the area know that it is the nerve center of the road system.

Because Polla’s checkpoints have been increased

All passing vehicles on that area are subjected to continuous control. The checkpoints aim at verifying the regularity of all documents, therefore paying taxes on cars and the correct use of seat belts which unfortunately not everyone uses as they should.

Data released after the first days of control, are anything but comforting because 50% of drivers who have been stopped at checkpoints have been fined. Many of these motorists have had to pay the fine for not wearing a seat belt or for wearing it the wrong way.

The issue of road safety continues to not give the desired results

Unfortunately the topic of road safety is treated often but with detachmentso today we are aware that the tragedies that have taken place in the recent period have not been enough and have not at all served to shake the conscience of undisciplined motorists.

There are many road victims and they have also increased over the last few years. Despite this, there are those who persist in not respecting the highway code and circulating without seat belts, risking it an accident that can have serious consequences for you, as well as for others.

Anyone traveling without seat belts, as well as risking their lives in the event of an accident, also risks being fined, ranging from €83 onwards and the deduction of 5 points from the license. If inflation repeats itself within two years, however, the driving license will be suspended from 15 days to 2 months.

Of course, the consequences are much more serious if it is the novice drivers who commit these infractionsi for whom the law does not accept justifications, with far more severe punishments. However, it is not only new drivers who make mistakes that are the result of little discipline, carelessness and superficiality, but also those who have been driving for years without even knowing the highway code and its laws.

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