Bentley, Surgeon Releases Adidas Forum Low Sneakers

Bentley prides itself on its extensive bespoke selection for its affluent customers. Using a variety of premium materials, techniques and finishes on various parts of the car, the British marque is able to offer many ways to make each Bentley unique. And now, even the shoes that customers wear can be bespoke, thanks to Bentley’s collaboration with renowned shoe designer Dominic Ciambrone, also known as Surgeon.

In a collaboration that started earlier this year, Bentley and The Surgeon launched a line of sneakers that incorporate the automaker’s design sensibilities into the footwear.

Ciambrone visited Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe to explore the various materials, finishes and bespoke elements used during the manufacture of each Bentley. He also enlisted Bentley Mulliner to be inspired with additional creative details and bespoke elements to his designs.

That said, the handmade The Surgeon sneakers are inspired by Bentley’s design execution. Each customized pair of Adidas Forum Lows comes with aspects including, but not limited to, the automaker’s signature diamond quilting, cross-stitching found on the steering wheel, and premium leather identical to that used in the Bentley.

The sticker price of each pair wasn’t disclosed in the release, but we’d guess they won’t come cheap.

“This is a very special moment for The Surgeon brand and to showcase our creativity in a new way by collaborating with Bentley. They are at the pinnacle of their craft and understand luxury and craftsmanship at the highest level as we do— it has been a pleasure to partner with them and realizing this vision,” Ciambrone commented.

The collaborative shoe is a limited edition line – only 10 pairs of bespoke sneakers will be made, all currently ordered by Mulliner clients and collectors. The Bentley x The Surgeon 1-of-1 vehicle will also be revealed next month during design week at Art Basel Miami. Buyers of that vehicle will also receive a one-off pair of matching sneakers.

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