Nissan Maxima Driver Couldn’t Refuse Car Carrier Ramp, Crashed Near Top

Have you ever seen a carrier car with its slope dropping and thought of driving it like in the movies? Yes, some of us (if not most) do, but I assure you that only a few actually do – like this Nissan Maxima driver from an incident in Venice, Florida.

In a Facebook post by Venice FL Fire Rescue, a Nissan Maxima is seen near the top of the haulage car, positioned precariously with its rear hanging off the side. According to the fire department, the sedan drove up an incline while traveling south on Pinebrook Rd.

Venice Fire Rescue received a call at around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday for an accident near the Pinebrook Rd intersection. and Pinebrook. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they found a middle-aged man in the driver’s seat. It’s unclear whether the climb up the incline was intentional or if it was a case of distracted driving. Maxima’s speed at the time the accident occurred was also not disclosed.

Of note, the car carrier was said to be delivering the vehicle to nearby residents when the accident occurred. It was parked with the ramp down but under a street light and with the hazard lights on.

To avoid further damage, the driver is asked to remain in the vehicle until the rescue team can stabilize the dangerous position of the car. The rescue team had to secure the front with industrial ropes while a crane was used to stabilize the rear. Only then was the driver safely removed from the vehicle. The driver was not injured during the entire ordeal.

The driver was turned over to police after extraction and was cited for reckless driving.

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