You still have a week to comply, if they stop you it’s trouble: run to your tire specialist

All motorists from European Union states still have a week to remedy and to start making changes to their vehicles by going to the tire specialist.

Tire checks
Tire checks –

This in order not to run the risk of getting heavy fines due to a new law that leaves no one out and that it has to do with the tyres.

The more time passes, the more stringent the rules on pollution and emissions become. Unfortunately not all cars respect them and will respect them, so many motorists will have to roll up their sleeves and deal with the situation by looking for the best solution in a short time.

This is because the new directives will slowly spread throughout Europe and will not look anyone in the face.

Changes to the European regulation, because it is better to comply within the next week

The changes to the European regulation will not only have to do with the functioning of the engine but also with all the other parts that make up the car, even the tires that generally they don’t get much attention.

Global warming, as we know, generates disastrous consequences for both man and the environment. It is no coincidence that many areas of the planet are becoming unlivable, the climatic situation is totally out of control. That’s why the European Union wants to address the issue once and for all, by changing the tolerance threshold for carbon dioxide emissions by all vehicles circulating on the streets.

Tire repairer
tire specialist –

What will change for European Union motorists

The classification of Euro engines will be updated within the next few weeks, so some cars will probably no longer be able to circulate or will have to run for cover in order to do so. There will also be changes regarding the rules that have to do with the brake pads and tyres.

As for the tyres, strange as it may seem, the rubber is always in contact with the asphalt, rubbing, with braking and acceleration slowly it wears out and releases very harmful microplastics into the air. For all these reasons, those who do not want to risk receiving fines due to worn tires must go to the tire specialist, have them checked and possibly proceed with the replacement.

All of this will have to be done before next week. But be careful because the news is not finished yet, apparently many more will arrive, it will be something that was contemplated before and which now will no longer be. The rules are about to get really, really strict for everyone.

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