Iowa Ranked Best State For Owning And Driving A Car, Hawaii Worst


Let’s face it, there are some states where owning a car is a hassle. Some places are better off owning a car than others, but previously it was difficult to quantify this information. Thanks to the Wallet hub, we can now look at some of the key metrics to determine the best places in America to own and operate a car.

Traffic, fuel costs, access to mechanics, and safety are all important factors in owning a car. Let’s face it no one likes sitting in traffic or driving on low quality unsafe roads. Also, if fuel is expensive and you don’t have the help of caring for your car, it will be more painful to drive your car as the cost increases.

Based on research conducted by Wallethub, it is clear that less populous states are better suited for car ownership. Iowa ranks number one as the best place in America to own a car based on metrics created by Wallethub. The top 5 states also include Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina, and Texas.

The worst part about owning a car is sitting in the traffic, and if you get stuck on your way to work, it may be time to move. West Virginia has the lowest percentage of rush hour traffic while California ranks as the worst state for traffic. But don’t think California is a bad place to drive, according to data California has the fewest days of rainfall so it’s a bit safer to drive. States like New Hampshire and Hawaii are rated as the states with the highest rainfall, so make sure you buy good windshield wipers.

How is your country dealing with competition? Do you hate your local roads that are congested with too many other cars? Or do you live in one of the top states to drive?


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