Clean your car for less than €2, don’t waste your money on expensive car washes

  • Cleaning the car in which you travel every day is essential, because moving around in a well-maintained and perfumed car that smells new is certainly more satisfying.
Car cleaning 2 euros
Cleaning cars for 2 euros – Motori.News

Always keep the machine clean and in very good condition but it is difficult because it means spending large sums, going to car washes, where professionals know what to do and how to do their job, achieving incredible results in a short time.

In particular when extraordinary cleaning is required for example spotting the seats or some very specific operations that require much more time, you get to spend an excessive amount that not everyone can afford to deal with.

Certainly not now in the midst of the crisis. Moreover, in recent months, rates have increased due to expensive gas and high bills, so it is better to find a second, alternative way that aims to save money.

Saving money on the car wash is possible here’s how

Especially if you have a lot of time on your hands to clean and wash the car yourself, without having to resort to car washes, you can make several attempts. One of the most requested services is the cleaning of opaque headlights. It is required not only at car washes but also at body shops. It should be known that in reality opaque headlights do not get damaged because they are dirty, simply being made of materials such as PVC or pet, over time they become opaque with frequent changes in temperature and bad weather.

For example, a car left in the sun for whole days in summer or outdoors in the cold in winter can only deteriorate in every part. Car washes and body shops know how to solve the problem, it’s obvious. The cost, however, is very high because the labor obviously pays off, as well as you pay for the expensive products that are used.

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How to clean and polish car headlights for €2

It may be useful to know that only €2 is enough to solve the problem of yellowed headlights. Toothpaste is used, the one we use to brush our teeth, even the gel one is fine. Then you need a roll of duct tape, a soft cloth, kitchen gloves and finally a sponge.

The yellowed headlight is washed to remove the dust and dirt present, then the chrome parts and the paint are covered with adhesive tape to prevent the toothpaste from ruining them. Then, you apply the toothpaste on the sponge, it is wetted with water and rubbed directly on the headlights without applying too much force. In a maximum of 10 minutes the headlights are splendid again, shiny, like new and the opaque color will only be a distant memory. To achieve an excellent final result, simply dry the surface using a soft cloth. And that’s it.

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