The 5 Chinese motorcycles that drove everyone crazy at Eicma: why all this success

The Chinese motorcycle segment continues to gain more and more acclaim: here are five models that have conquered the EICMA.

5 Chinese Eicma motorcycles
5 Chinese motorcycles that drove crazy at Eicma –

EICMA 2022 it was the scene for the presentation of various motorcycles from the Orient. In particular, the Chinese industry is trying to find space in a sector that is obviously very complicated and reluctant to give ground to “newcomers”.

Despite this, the motorcycle “made in China” over time they are conquering an increasingly large share of the public. Between affordable prices and cutting-edge solutions, there are five models in particular that they attracted the attention of enthusiasts during EICMA 2022.

EICMA 2022: the 5 Chinese motorcycles that have conquered enthusiasts

Let’s start from CF Moto 450SR, a sports car from the manufacturer of the same name which comes with a 449.5cc liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine and a power of 47 horsepower. The frame is made of aluminum, while the upside down fork is 37mm.

Keeway RK V125C
Keeway RK V125C –

Don’t be fooled by misconceptions about Chinese market because the components used are not to be underestimated, starting with the brake caliper Brembo M40 dedicated to a 320mm disc. Sporty design, but also sinuous and elegant, with a total weight of 179 kilograms. Price? Approximately 6,500 euros.

Let’s move on to a solution designed for the youngest with the Keeway Rkf 125: Classic in design with its distinctive teardrop tank and scooped saddle, the 13.8 horsepower V-shaped engine is liquid-cooled. LED headlights and chromed elements together give this latest generation technology and style.

There QJ Motor Svt 650X instead it ventures into the middle market. The motorcycle look for long road and off-road trips hides an upside-down fork on a 19-inch rim. The V-shaped two-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 76 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. No price information yet.

Penultimate model with Vmoto Stash that smiles at the eco-sustainable market: the electric motorbike comes with a compartment in which to store the helmet that replaces the conventional tank. The zero-emission engine has a power of 8 kW with a peak of 15 kW for a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

Voge Valico 525Dsx
Voge Valico 525Dsx –

We close with Voge Valico 525Dsx the most important novelty of which is the new 494cc parallel two-cylinder engine which allows for the delivery of a maximum power of 47.6 horsepower at 8,500 rpm. The weight of 190 kilograms is designed for ideal off-road use, as can be seen from the rest of the aggressive design.

Still too early to know the price, but it could be an offer capable of decisively attacking the segment to which it belongs. If you are also an owner of chinese motorcycles you will certainly have found what is proposed interesting, waiting to understand when and, therefore, at what prices, we will also see their debut in Italy.

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