He destroys the Ferrari with an impressive spin, thousands of euros in damages

An iconic Ferrari model was smashed to pieces after hitting a wall. Very few corners wrote the fate of a Ferrari Testarossa, the images went around the world, showing the damage done by the Supercar from Maranello.

Destroyed Ferrari
Destroyed Ferrari – Motori.news

The videos and shots come directly from Switzerland where an event designed and reserved for all was held prancing horse car owners.

A circuit has been installed in Switzerland to show these fantastic jewels on four wheels, but unfortunately during the exhibition a driver of his Ferrari crashed into a wall with the consequences that we can easily imagine.

What happened in Switzerland

The video shows the Ferrari arriving at speed from a straight line, this crosses a depression, at which point it loses grip and ends up straight against a concrete wall. Obviously the impact was violent, for which the car was thrown on the opposite side of the road, the front was completely destroyed.

Luckily the public was not involved in the collision, in fact the car did not pass the barriers and stopped after the impact. The pilot got out on his legs, he didn’t suffer any injuries, however he was subjected to checks by the medical personnel who rushed to the scene in an emergency. In any case, he carries and will always carry within himself not only the regret of having destroyed Ferrari, but also the big scare.


The detail that has not gone unnoticed is the cost of the Ferrari model

What happened was a blow to the heart for both the fans who experienced the scene firsthand and for those who have had the opportunity to follow the event on social media. But there is one scene in particular that has left everyone speechless. That is, at the end of the video, therefore after the accident we see a man clapping. It is not known who he is and what he was clapping. Many users have advanced the hypothesis that it may be a resident who is particularly annoyed by the demonstration and the noise of the Supercars.

The Ferrari involved in the accident has a history that has its roots in the early 80s, one of the first models. The car was presented in 1984 at the Paris motor show. At the time, the retractable headlights, then the side grilles and the enlarged tail became iconic. The value of the Ferrari Testarossa at the moment it ranges from 100,000 to 200,000 euros and varies according to the conditions and use of the vehicle.

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