Giacomo Agostini, the difference with Pecco Bagnaia: “I was free”

Giacomo Agostini comments on Pecco Bagnaia’s world victory and reveals a small difference between him and the Ducati rider.

Giacomo Agostini (photo Ansa)
Giacomo Agostini – Motors.News

He could not miss the last MotoGP weekend in Valencia James Augustine, the last Italian champion riding an Italian motorcycle, winner of a world title dating back half a century ago. Fifty years later it is I’m sorry Bagnaia to repeat the great feat and honor the Bel Paese, winning on the Ducati Desmosedici GP22. At Borgo Panigale the world champion had been missing since 2007, the winner was the legendary Casey Stoner.

Now the triumph has an almost exclusively Italian imprint, even if it is known that the Ducati brand belongs to the German giant Audi. But inside the Emilian company almost exclusively Italian brains continue to work and represents an excellence of the “Made in Italy”. The 15-time world champion Giacomo Agostini followed the last weekend step by step at the Ricardo Tormo of Valencia, encouraging his young compatriot Pecco Bagnaia. “It is an important title because an Italian who wins with an Italian bike represents Italy in the world, in terms of riders and bikes, Ducati technology“.

The difference between Agostini and Bagnaia

Pecco Bagnaia (Ansa)
Pecco Bagnaia – Motors.News

Fifty years later an Italian rider on an Italian motorbike wins. Too much time for a nation that has always taught motorsports. Giacomo Agostini, in an interview with ‘AS’ tries to give a reason for this too long wait. “It was no easy feat. The Japanese manufacturers have worked hard to grow in Grand Prix racing, but now it’s fantastic that Ducati, a much smaller factory than the Japanese ones, has built a bike ready to win with different riders“.

Pecco Bagnaia is the rider of the moment, he made many Italians who had lost their passion after the farewell of MotoGP rediscover Valentino Rossi. A handover that now needs reconfirmation. “We always need to have a hero, a pilot who does things that others can’t do – added Giacomo Agostini -. This is what the public wants and what Pecco did is important. He proved to have a great mind“.

Not the usual arrogant sporting character, but humble and at times shy, never an exhibitionist: “He has a little bit of my character, without doing weird things“, concluded the 15-time world champion of Lombard origin. The only difference is that the national Needle was known for his love conquests and many called him ‘The Handsome’: “The difference is that he is already engaged, while I was free“, concluded the multiple champion with a laugh.

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