Insurance, with this app you can see if the car is insured: just enter the license plate

Many people today due to the crisis do not pay for car insurance to save as much as possible, in the hope of never needing it.

Insurance app to check it
Insurance app to check it –

For this reason, before getting a rental caror to borrow it from a friend or acquaintance, it is advisable to inquire to find out if the vehicle is in order and therefore the compulsory insurance has been paid or not.

Anyone who doesn’t do it and gets involved in an accident risks very serious consequences.

How to find out if you have car insurance or not

Anyone knows whether their car is insured or not. It can always be useful to find out the method through which you can have a confirmation. Precisely because of the crisis, many motorists have chosen to insure their cars through online insurance, which as we can well imagine, they are not always 100% reliable.

So to be sure that the insurance has really started and that the company is regularly operational ci can simply be connected to the site or to the app Il portale dell’Automobilista. You have to log in, then fill in the data, choose the vehicle category and the license plate number and here you find out if the car insurance contract is really active or if the vehicle is not insured. If the vehicle is not insured, you can rush to do so, trying to remedy it before paying the consequences.

The apps that can save the life of motorists

But here, thanks to technology and modernity, they pop out of other apps, much more practical and within everyone’s reach, which allow you to discover everything about your vehicle and beyond. The apps we are talking about are available for both IOS and Android, for example license plate info, RC Security, vehicle scanner, itarga, license plate Scan, or RC car check Italy.

These apps are very simple, they release all the information simply by entering the vehicle’s license plate, it only takes 10 seconds. It should be noted that anyone driving an uninsured vehicle may be subject to an administrative fine ranging from 866 euros to €3464, which is accompanied by the deduction of 5 points from the license and the seizure of the vehicle.

After all this, the owner can go back to using his car, only after having paid the fine and obviously after starting the new insurance coverage for six months or for a year. Finally, we cannot ignore the payment of all ancillary costs or the transport of the car, the collection and custody of the vehicle for the days in which it was placed under seizure.

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