Because changing the pedals of your car is more important than you think, your safety depends on it

When we travel by car, we must always be sure that we can do it in total safety for ourselves and for others.

Change pedals
Changing the pedals – Motori.News

This is why the machine must always be kept under control. Constant and regular maintenance must be carried out, not only because it is what the law prescribes, but also for reasons of personal safety.

Despite everything, maintenance may not be enough, because in addition to regular interventions, additional interventions may be necessary, for example those carried out on the pedals.

The car pedal is essential because it allows you to travel in total safety

The use of the pedal is continuous when driving. The same force is not always applied to it. The intensity changes according to the type of braking you need. Braking intensity must be adjusted according to how close or far away the vehicle or obstacle is, for example a pole when parking.

For these reasons, the pedals must always work very well and respond to stress immediately. Not everyone knows how car pedals work. It happens in this way: when you press the brake pedal, a pump is activated, this acts on the oil pressure in the pipes, drives the caliper pistons, which squeeze the pads around the disc and exert the braking action. It can therefore be said that the braking system works through friction.

All modern cars also have assisted braking systems, which allow you to manage al better emergency situationsto. We are talking, for example, of the ABS system which prevents the wheels from locking completely when braking, so the vehicle remains under control at any time, without running the risk of rear-end collisions.

How to act on the worn brake pedal

Not many people know that if the brake pedal is not checked and maintained in excellent condition, in the long run it can also cause problems with less than normal performance. There is an object that can be added to the pedal, which costs very little and can be found in any physical store but especially on websites.

This accessory costs €1.47, it is the lining of the brake pedal which allows you to keep the pedal of the car, original, without having to replace it, spending a lot of money unnecessarily. The accessory in question is made of rubber and is useful if the pedal cover has worn out over time. This can happen especially if you use the machine often, for example, the pedal turns into a bar of soap and therefore managing it becomes difficult as well as risky. This coating must be applied to the worn pedal and can also be done at home.

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