Over 400 Miles Range Under $100K

Lucid is expanding its Air lineup with two lower-priced trim levels, but doesn’t skimp on range or power. The Lucid Air Pure is officially the entry-level model, but it still delivers over 400 miles of range and plenty of power for a five-figure price. Stepping up to Touring adds more range and power for about $15,000 more.

Specifically, the 2023 Lucid Air Pure launched with a two-motor all-wheel drive model priced at $92,900. That gets you a luxury electric sedan with a slightly smaller 18-module version of the company’s long range battery pack. In this case, smaller still means an estimated EPA range of 410 miles on a charge. Fast-charging capabilities can recapture 200 miles in 15 minutes, and drivers still have 480 horsepower (358 kilowatts) to play with. Lucid says that’s enough to send the all-wheel-drive Air Pure to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

We’re opting for the all-wheel-drive model here because it’s available right away on the Air Pure. A single-motor, rear-wheel drive Pure will launch next year for a lower price – $87,400. Details on power and range aren’t available yet, but it will be the only Lucid Air available in such a configuration. The automaker’s DreamDrive driver assistance package is standard issue, DreamDrive Pro is optional and the Air Pure also features an aluminum roof.

Lucid Air Tour 2023
Lucid Air Tour 2023
2023 Lucid Air Pure
2023 Lucid Air Pure

One step above the Air Pure is the Lucid Air Touring. Starting at $107,400, the dual-motor powertrain sends an ample 620 hp (462 kW) to the ground, cutting the 0-60 sprint to just 3.4 seconds. Interestingly, it uses the same 18-module remote battery as the Air Pure, but the EPA’s estimate range goes to the top up to 425 miles. The automaker says the Air Touring has the best driving efficiency of the entire Air range, logging 4.62 miles per kilowatt-hour used.

Lucid also refers to the Air Tour as “classic Air.” It sports a Pure aluminum roof as standard, though a Glass Canopy is an option. High-end materials for the interior such as Nappa leather and wood trim are included in this trim level.

“Performance. Range. Luxury. Technology. Design. It’s all here in the newly expanded Lucid Air model line as the Air Pure and Air Touring – with very spacious interiors – taking their place alongside the Air Grand Tour, Grand Touring Performance and others recently announced Air Sapphire,” said Lucid Group CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson.


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The 2023 Lucid Air Pure and Touring are now available to order, with deliveries starting at the end of the year. All prices mentioned above do not include destination fees.

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