Leaked New Photos Show Second-Gen Cadillac CT6 Undisguised

A few months ago, Cadillac Society Find out exclusive details about the next generation Cadillac CT6. We then saw several prototypes undergoing testing. Now, undisguised photos of the second-generation CT6 have leaked from inside Cadillac’s China Jinquiao factory where the luxury sedan will be built.

The photos, posted anonymously via Chinese social media platforms, depict the luxury sedan in various stages of assembly. One photo shows off what appears to be a body-in-white, confirming that it will have a large set of redesigned grille openings and headlights that integrate vertical and horizontal lighting elements. This image makes it easy to draw comparisons between the front end of the CT6 and the Cadillac Lyriq.

Another set of images show off the cockpit of the Cadillac CT6, which features a large curved LED display that extends from the instrument panel to the infotainment screen, combining them into a single interface, as seen inside the Lyriq. Interestingly, the luxury sedan does not have a gear selector. At the moment, it’s unclear how the driver will select gears, but it’s very likely a push-button system could be implemented.

Interestingly, one of the pictures shows a piece of paper with the program code “O1SL.” This code indicates that the second generation Cadillac CT6 is supported by the Omega platform like the first generation CT6, not the VSS-R platform. Therefore, some may assume that the upcoming CT6 is just a heavy refresh of the luxury sedan. However, the luxury marque has also overhauled several components under its skin, including the electrical and powertrain architecture.

The CT6 luxury sedan will debut soon and will go on sale in China in early 2023. Currently, we have no plans to offer the CT6 outside of China.

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Second Generation Cadillac CT6 photo

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