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The nightmare of speed cameras is always present in the minds of motorists, but there is good news: a legal way to avoid them.

Speed ​​Cameras
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Speed ​​cameras aren’t the enemy, but who likes to get a speeding ticket? To nobody!

Speed ​​cameras are installed almost everywhere in Italy, so it is important to respect the speed limits. And it is possible to exceed the limit in places where speed cameras are installed due to distractions or overtaking at the wrong time. It is very useful to know in advance where the fixed and mobile ones are installed and to be notified in advance.

How to avoid getting fines from speed cameras

The best way to prevent, or at least contain, speed camera fines is to know where they are and what is their exact point of origin. There are several speed camera detection apps that can give us the attention we need to avoid fines after fines.

App to detect speed cameras –

Most speed camera detectors act as navigators and are useful for driving almost anywhere. The important thing is to activate it every time you start driving.

We are often fined even on roads we know well and use regularly.

Speed ​​cameras –

Speed ​​cameras in Italy are sometimes installed not only when traveling on the highway, but even in urban areas where the speed limit is lower than 50 km/h. To avoid sudden braking and accidents caused by speed cameras, it is essential install a good app who notifies you in time.

Free applications to detect speed cameras

More and more people are making use of apps, a tool that has long been essential for avoiding fines. Google has also understood this, which since 2019 has started issuing real-time notifications on all speed cameras of the world.

However, the speed camera app they should not be an excuse to accelerate on the road and only slow down when approaching the speed detectors. Therefore, always pay close attention to road signs and drive at a moderate speed.

Google Maps is undoubtedly the most used application. It also detects speed cameras and road limits, but the downside is that the data isn’t always accurate. Indeed, it often needs to be updated and does not always perfectly match the position of the detection columns.

But Google Maps isn’t the only way to find speed cameras on the road. We now provide you with a list of better apps to escape the dreaded detector.

App to detect speed cameras –

The best applications

Waze is probably the best navigation application, also for checking speed cameras. It gives us detailed information for pedestrians, motorists and motorcyclists. The app is based on the information provided by the users themselves. A very large community allows users to update each other with warnings about accidents, hazards, traffic and speed cameras.

What makes it the app unique is thereliability and accuracy of the speed camera locationsince users who identify it automatically report its presence to the app, making it visible to everyone.

Radarbots is an app that not only warns of traffic, but also detects speed cameras. It is an excellent app that provides an audible warning of the presence of speed cameras and tutors. It also features a vibration mode, which is very useful for riders who cannot hear the sound. The application is available in two versions: one totally free and one paid.

TomTom AmigoFinally, it is an app that can be used as widget. In practice, you can use Google Maps while the TomTom AmiGo displays your driving speed and the speed limit in close-up and warns you if you exceed the speed limit when approaching a speed camera.