Toyota Prius 2023 Features Taillight Bar In New Teaser Image

While looks are subjective, you might have a hard time finding someone who really likes how Toyota designed the Prius. It’s been around since 1997 and has arguably always had a quirky look, and that extends to the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid as well. Early signs suggest the fifth-generation model that debuted this weekend will bring improvements in styling. Each new teaser hints at an easier-to-see design.

The latest official preview gives a glimpse of the back where the Prius 2023 will feature a wide LED light bar in the same vein as the new Crown. That’s not surprising as last week’s teaser showed the familiar headlight assembly. The signature of the headlights is similar to that of the Crown Sport, a compact crossover for the Japanese market.

Adjusting the brightness of the teaser image reveals the prominent “Prius” lettering at the bottom of the tailgate, which is similar to a light bar, emphasizing the width of the car. It’s not clear if Toyota is teasing a regular hybrid and/or PHEV, but it does describe the eco-car as a “reborn hybrid.” That suggests some major changes have been made to the next-generation car, and we already have evidence that the design has been overhauled.

The technical specifications remain shrouded in mystery, although the swooping side profile suggests aerodynamics will once again play an important role in the car’s efficiency. Since launching its original model 25 years ago, Toyota has introduced a plethora of hybrids that have inevitably derailed the once-popular “green” cars. We’ll have to wait and see what the Mk5 will bring to the table to bring back some of the popularity it’s lost over the years.

The world premiere held in Japan will be live on YouTube on November 15 at 23:30 ET (or November 16 at 4:30 GMT). We will have an embed to share on the big debut day.

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