new rules for Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP

From the 2023 World Championship, new technical and sporting regulations will be introduced for the three classes MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3.

MotoGP Grand Prix (Ansa)
MotoGP Grand Prix – Motori.News

There GP Commission it met on 4 November, on the eve of the last and decisive Grand Prix of 2022, in the paddock of Valencia, in the presence of the highest positions of Dorna, FIM, IRTA and MSMA. After the introduction of sprint races, scheduled for next year, new sporting and technical regulations have been approved and will come into force from the 2023 World Cup.

In the event of an interrupted race if none of the races have completed at least 3 laps, and it is not possible to resume, the race is canceled and no score is awarded. If the total number of laps completed is less than 50% of the race distance, half points will be awarded. If more than 50% of the race distance is completed, full points will be awarded.

The new technical rules from the 2023 season

Pecco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo (Ansa)
Pecco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo – Motori.News

The Grand Prix Commission also established new technical rules, deciding that for the Sprint Race the number of liters available will be halved. Each rider will be able to use a maximum of 12 liters of petrol. Each individual team can choose whether to pour the 12 liters into the traditional tank or mount a special 12-liter tank for sprint races. In all three classes of the World Championship, the construction of the brake disc support can only be made of magnesium and aluminum alloys.

Furthermore, the main structure of the tank must be made exclusively of steel or aluminum. The use of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and glass fiber as additional components is also allowed. And again, following what happened at the Misano 2022 GP, where a swing arm spoon it broke following contact with a curb, a new minimum height from the asphalt must be given, which goes from 15 to 35 mm.

New rules have also been approved regarding the drivers’ suits, given the past cases in which the suit has opened during the action on the track. Together with the manufacturers, an agreement was reached for a new locking system which will be mandatory for all pilots. Finally, only the helmets with FIM FRHPhe-01 and FRHPhe-02 homologation stamps, from 1 January 2026 only those with FRHPhe-02 stamps.

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