Insurance, electric services save your life and your wallet: you can’t not have them

Insurance for plug-in hybrid and electric cars is changing and trying to adapt to new needs. Prices, of course, are on the rise, but be careful because the services available to the user also increase.

Insurance and electric car
Insurance and electric car – Motori.News

Today everything has a different and very high cost compared to before. However, the services generally remained unchanged, which obviously does not satisfy usersforced to pay more than before by always having the same things at their disposal.

That’s why a new product has been launched, which takes the name of Allianz Lithium and which is dedicated to electric and hybrid cars.

What the new Allianz Lithium insurance guarantees

The new insurance product provides all those who own these cars new rather useful services, which give greater guarantees. On the other hand, those who buy plug-in electric cars spend much more than those who have traditional cars, and need certain additional services.

With Allianz Lithium, you can add many specific services and insurance protections to request for example roadside assistance if the car stops due to battery exhaustion. In this case, a certified tow truck is available for transport the vehicle to the nearest electricity station, limiting the damage and consequences.

Among the insurance protections offered by Allianz Lithium there is also one that has to do with the car battery which is worth half the cost of the car. Allianz extends the protection to any charging accessory owned by the user, to protect those in possession from any cyber attacks and guarantee efficiency and safety in all conditions.

Electric car charging cost
Insurance- Motori.News

100% damage settlement, that’s what Allianz insurance offers

Also, as if that weren’t enough, in the event of an accident with partial or no-fault faultunlike all other traditional policies, Allianz Lithium protects the value of the car with 100% settlement of the damage. This type of insurance is integrated into the digital ecosystem. Those who are informed can also request quotes directly online on the company’s website as is now possible for any insurance company.

To date, all motorists, before signing insurance contracts, proceed with the request for a quote, which is essential to save year after year. Prices are varied, the choice is wide. Those who do not need special services can save a lot by requesting the stipulation of basic insurance contracts. Which electric car owners can’t do either plug-in hybrid cars.

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