Fabio Quartararo Yamaha wand, but there is a surprise

Fabio Quartararo not very satisfied after the tests. But Yamaha pampers him: here is the nice surprise at EICMA.

Fabio Quartararo, the prize from Yamaha – MotoriNews

Do not there have been big smiles at the end of the tests in Valencia. Fabio Quartararonow the outgoing MotoGP champion, was waiting for the post GP with trepidation. But soon there was little to be happy about, and it is not about the times, of little value on that day. The pilot Yamaha he tried many things, in addition to finding the 2023 engine. But… Here, Quartararo clearly admitted that he expected something else. The goal is to get the iris back next year, but it looks like a road already uphill. Meanwhile, Yamaha wanted to make its rider smile with a nice one giftarrived during the EICMA.

Quartararo, what a surprise!

The prestigious Lombard event is welcoming many guests in these days. Among them precisely also Fabio Quartararo, 2021 MotoGP champion, welcomed by a large crowd of fans. The young French driver did breach in the hearts of many two-wheel enthusiasts since it exploded in the premier class. His heroic effort this year with a bike clearly inferior to the Ducati racing cars and his big one correctness they were definitely appreciated. So here’s the recognition by fans and cheering fans, who flocked to theEICMA to greet the runner-up 2022. But a good one was ready for him surprise: Yamaha gave him his M1 as a gift. But not just any one, precisely the motorcycle 2021 with which yours won first title world!

Yamaha, that’s not enough …

A certain difference from Alex Rins’ request, so far unheard. Fabio Quartararo, on the other hand, will have his own bike, a first gift much appreciated. “My bike is coming home!” commented El Diablo through its social channels. But the 2021 MotoGP world champion wants much more and hasn’t turned around. His renewal arrived thanks to some promises precise by Yamaha for the next two seasons in MotoGP. Indeed, he made it clear even with a very direct message always on his social channels at the end of the last official tests. “The test was difficult, but the winter is long and I hope YAMAHA works very hard!! “ All too clear, the house of Iwata has to work hard if it wants its one winning ace remain at least until the expiration of the contract. Otherwise there are always quibbles to exploit and the other houses would be more than ready to queue to make sure …

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