Pitches, to be used only on these occasions or big risks

The bad habit of using lay-bys for non-emergency purposes could cost us dearly: what the law provides.

Parking places
Parking places

You will have noticed it at least once in your life, and you have probably also used it, but on our motorways it is very often possible to find small Parking places useful for emergencies or for a need that requires the vehicle to be stopped in complete safety.

Maybe you didn’t know that obviously the use of lay-bys is regulated by the Traffic Laws describing how and when these areas can be used.

The rules for the use of lay-bys: definition and possible fines

Speaking a little bit of bureaucraticthe Highway Code describes the lay-bys as one part of the road adjacent to the quay and intended precisely for the temporary parking of the car.

The quay, it should be remembered, identifies the part of the roadway that is between the outer edge of the carriageway and any longitudinal element, whether it is a traffic divider, a sidewalk or something else.

Parking pitch
Parking pitch – Motori.news

The presence of the pitches is signaled by a vertical road sign with a blue or green colored panel depending on whether you are on a freeway or on a motorway. The signal is usually integrated with the indication of the missing distance and, at times, by the SOS symbol which anticipates the presence of a column for the request for roadside assistance.

Having said that, let’s go and see what a lay-by is actually used for: the Highway Code is not as strict as it is for the emergency lane, which can only be used for real emergencies. On the pitch we can stop for the needs we deem appropriate: stretch your legs a little, take a nap, eat something and whatever we need on the spot.

The only indication is related to any stop during the night: in that case it is absolutely mandatory wear a reflective vest to enhance their visibility to passing vehicles. The obligation is valid in any situation and not respecting it can cost us dearly.

The police are in fact authorized to raise a fine that can start from 42 euros and go up to 173 euros, depending on the gravity of the infringement. For the rest, on the lay-by you have a fair amount of freedom, even if for longer rests it is suggested to take advantage of the numerous parking lots located on the motorway.

Emergency lane
Emergency lane – Motori.news

A final note, for completeness, we do it for the emergency lane which must be used only and exclusively for situations in which a serious and absolute need emerges. Discomfort of the driver or one of the occupants, vehicle problems and more.

Of course, any stop in the emergency lane must not last longer than the time needed to resolve it. For other needs, it is better to use a parking lot or lay-bys.

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