the new rule fools everyone

Turning left or right is normal, it is a gesture that comes naturally and spontaneously to everyone, what changes on the other hand if you proceed to the right or to the left? Nothing.

Prohibition to turn left
Prohibition to turn left

Yet, as strange or absurd as it may seem, there is a category of drivers that cannot do it, that is, he cannot freely decide whether to turn left or turn right or go straight. The reason is unbelievable, but that’s the way it is.

Left turning is prohibited for a particular category of people for road safety reasons.

Turning left is no longer possible, which is why the ban comes

The road safety argument is important, despite this, some small things are considered as trivial, with extreme lightness, the number of road accidents proves this. This number seems to rise, in fact the annual or monthly bulletin, more than a report it looks like a war bulletin. Many motorists have been injured or killed in road crashes.

The body that deals with the prevention of road accidents tries to understand what are the frequent causes for which motorists lose control of their car and crash, losing their lives or injuring themselves, or injuring others. Apparently, accidents happen mostly because a car chooses to turn left. Do you ask? What could be done to avoid it? Ironically one would think it is better prevent cars from turning left. But that’s actually what one company has thought of doing. Instruct their drivers not to turn left in the presence of alternative routes.


Which company prohibits you from turning left and what if you choose to do the same

The company we’re talking about is Uber, which everyone knows for better or for worse. This is a very opposed platform, because those who do not like its service are taxi drivers and rental car drivers who see almost illegal competition in society.

Uber apparently prevents its drivers from turning left if there are alternative routes to avoid it. This is probably an exaggerated precaution, but it is an imposition given by the house, which must be absolutely respected. The reason is the following. On Uber cars there is an app that indicates recommended routes and records the route chosen by the driver. Should the driver choose to turn left regardless of the directives and an accident occurs, you risk being fired. All this at least for the moment is only happening in the United States, but it could soon arrive in Italy as well.

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