if you get caught it’s € 600

The highway code establishes that from now on the split line is illegal, whoever carries out an illegal overtaking, risks receiving a fine that exceeds € 600.

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This topic affects motorcyclists the most. Every day we find ourselves seeing or experiencing situations in which the motorbikes overtake the cars in columns having a much more agile vehicle at our disposal, which takes up tight spaces and allows you to slip everywhere and avoid long queues.

But the question that everyone asks themselves practically every day is: is this a permissible maneuver? The answer is no and the highway code says so in article 148. This Split lane maneuver is one dangerous maneuver that cannot be considered legal.

Split lane, that’s when and why it’s dangerous to overtake like this

The overtaking of cars in the event of a queue, must only be carried out on the left, only in the adjacent lane if in the same direction of travel. According to paragraph 11, motorbikes cannot and must not overtake stationary or slow-moving vehicles when to do so it is necessary to move to the other part of the carriageway, or the one destined to the opposite direction of travel.

So to recap the motorcycles and mopeds have the right to overtake only if and when the lane positioned on the left follows the same direction of travel, therefore only if it does not endanger the safety and life of third parties.

You cannot overtake queued cars if it is necessary to move into the opposite lane. Paragraph 1 of article 143 of the Highway Code also reminds you that it is not possible to zigzag between cars in the same lane because this maneuver can also be judged dangerous for oneself and for others.

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What to do when you are in a queue in traffic

When you find yourself immersed in traffic, unfortunately there is not much to do, whether you are in a car or on a motorcycle, you have to wait or overtake as the law allows, because especially when traffic goes haywire you risk causing accidents. quite serious. A bit the same when you are close to a motorway exit and you are in a queue due to accidentsnever proceed along the emergency lane.

There are some maneuvers that may seem innocent at the moment, but in reality they are not at all. In the case of split lane, the fines are very high. Therefore, those who violate the obligation to drive on the right side of the road to overcome the cars in the queue, risk receiving a fine ranging from 42 to 173 euros. Those who, on the other hand, overtake the cars in the column and invade the opposite lane receive fines ranging from 167 to € 666.

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