Former Ferrari designer weighs in on Purosangue

In the field of automotive design, no one can beat Frank Stephenson – at least when it comes to saying something about other people’s work. His design critiques on his YouTube channel provide some valuable insight into the new car, enough for us (and maybe some of you) to hit the Subscribe button and follow the guy.

Stephenson’s latest design analysis is very close to his heart. The former Ferrari design boss, who wrote the F430 and FXX, is considering the automaker’s latest model, the Purosangue.

And since the Purosangue is Ferrari’s first foray into the SUV segment, even though the automaker refuses to call it that, you can expect Stephenson to say a few things about its styling.

Stephenson’s design critique of the Purosangue begins with praise. According to him the Ferrari racing car is beautiful and maintains the essence of a Ferrari car. Further compliments came out of Stephenson’s mouth, including words like sensual, dynamic, plump, and sexy. But then again, Stephenson’s critique video isn’t a video without him pointing out things he thinks will improve the overall design.

Up front, he thought that the walking light signature could be better. The sides get most of Stephenson’s attention, especially with the clamshell bonnet line, front door handles and carbon fiber fenders. He also thought that the black accent at the bottom of the A pillar was unnecessary.

At the rear, the main criticism falls on the taillights, which he says should be rounded out for that Ferrari identity. Then again, he admits that some things have to evolve in order to move forward.

For this video, Stephenson also offers some insight into Purosangue’s interior style. He liked the driver-focused approach without forgetting the passenger area, as well as the Manettino, whom he first designed for Ferrari. However, he thinks that Ferrari cars have become too electronic these days; in his words “the more electronics, the less Ferrari.”

Overall, the Purosangue design review is still quite positive coming from a former Ferrari designer. The video at the top of this page is quite long but trust me, it will be worth your time.

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