MotoGP, Alex Rins doesn’t give up: “So it costs less.” Suzuki give him the gift!

Suzuki is now out of MotoGP. Alex Rins, however, still wants one thing from the brand and continues to send signals.

Alex Rins and “his” Suzuki – MotoriNews

Suzuki And Alex Rins, a love story that came to an end in the Valencia GP. This is only because the Hamamatsu brand has decided to leave MotoGP again in Jerez, that is after just 4 rounds of 2022. A choice that has left quite a few perplexityas well as sadness between pilots and team personnel. Feelings that conditioned the boys in blue for several Grands Prix… But there is one thing that is the number one driver # 42 keep asking Suzuki, one request also renewed through a message decidedly eloquent via social.

“Suzuki, so it costs less!”

L’occasion it has arrived none other than these days and directly from Italy. On November 8 it started EICMA, the most important world exhibition of reference for motorized two-wheelers. These days clearly follow each other guests excellent from many world-class championships. Some examples are Pecco Bagnaianew MotoGP world champion, his predecessor Fabio Quartararoor the motocross champion Tony Cairoli. But there are also jewels on display, such as the racing cars of the MotoGP boys. There Suzuki number # 42 in particular it was picked up and published as a social story by a fan. The opportunity for Alex Rins to catch the ball and send another eloquent message to the brand. “There shipment from EICMA to Andorra is cheaper than from EICMA to Japan. Just saying. “ Unfortunately it seems that your request will go unheeded …

Rins pinches Suzuki again – MotoriNews

A finished story… For now?

In the shiny eyes of Alex Rins and of Joan Mir all the emotion has been seen. Suzuki left a indelible mark in their careers. Both brought to MotoGP by those colors, both won theirs first triumphs with that brand. Indeed, Mir has also become there sample of the world! The Spanish boys were also very ready for the renewal, they had already declared it several times, when the bad shot. Both the Majorcan and Rins have their future assured, but at the moment it’s not really that bright. In fact, in the post-GP tests in Valencia they made their debut with Honda. Just that bike he made infuriate really Marc Marquezwhich at the end of the day broke out heavily. “So you don’t fight for the world championship!” Hard words from the pilot who worked wonders with the RC-V. Now the two ex Suzukis have also got on that boat by force. From the frying pan to the grill? This will tell the future, but the premises are not the best …

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