increased speed cameras, breathalysers and tutors

The growing number of road accident victims leads the municipality of a large city to upgrade speed cameras and more.

Accident prevention
Accident prevention

The data relating to the deaths from road accidents reported on the streets of Rome and its province. In the first ten months of 2022, there was in fact an increase in the number of victims with over 100 people who died following a road accident. The categories most affected are those represented by pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

For this reason, the Councilor for Mobility of the Municipality of Rome, Eugenio Patanè, explained that new speed cameras will be installed on via Cristoforo Colombo, one of the streets where people “run” the most. The road that leads from the city center to Ostia is a fast track that has recently been the scene of a bad episode.

The example of Francesco and the need for new speed cameras on the streets of Rome

The story has shaken the minds of the citizens of the capital a little: the eighteen year old Francesco Valdiserri he was killed by a car whizzing by at insane speed on the very artery where one has a tendency to discover oneself as Sunday or Saturday night car drivers. Francesco was walking on a sidewalk when the car suddenly overwhelmed him without giving him a chance.

Fixed speed camera
Fixed speed camera –

The episode has also aroused numerous controversies about the way in which the controls are not implemented or are done late. The example of the Giovanni XXIII Gallery, where the activation of tutors that were installed even a year ago is still awaited. The problem? The usual local bureaucracy.

The decision to operate on via Cristoforo Colombo was welcomed, but it is clear that it is not enough. Although Rome boasts a territory greater in extension than that of Milan, the third of the instruments of control is present compared to the Milanese city.

It is no coincidence then that the capital collects only 4.6 million euros for the fines for excess speed: Milan collects almost triple.

But now it seems that an iron fist is being prepared, since more than 4,200 checks made with speed cameras in a single day, over 1,000 more than normal. This action has led to the imposition of 270 fines, which are joined by more than 500 checks with alcohol tests, organized mainly on weekends.

Alcohol test
Alcohol test –

The commitment is aimed at the entire municipal area, so much so that the Prefecture is managing the request for the installation of several fixed speed cameras on the high-speed roads of the XIV Town Hall, one of the most peripheral.

While waiting for the fixed installations to proceed, in the meantime we operate by exploiting the mobile speed cameras with several patrols by the municipal police: for now, great attention has been paid to the streets of Cassia Nuova, Valle Muricana and Tiberina, the scene of too many excessive races.

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