This speed camera is making a killing, 850 fines a day: that’s where it is

The speed camera is one of the most dangerous nightmares and threats for millions of motorists who move on their own vehicles to leave their children at school, to go to work.

This speed camera is making a killing
This speed camera is causing a massacre-

Unfortunately it is useless to deny it, there are few who respect the rules and in particular the speed limits because nowadays we all go in a hurry, no one wants to waste time even at the cost of catching really substantial fines.

For this the government is installing a little everywhere speed cameras, there are police and Carabinieri patrols everywhere, both to keep the movements and movements of users under control, as well as to make cash and try to bring home important sums.

The citizen is an ATM for the state, the system that works relies on speed cameras and fines

Citizens are then used as ATMs. The reason, or the triggering cause of all this has to do with the economic crisis and a reality in which millions of people move without respecting the rules.

In the first six months of 2022, the government collected 12.5 million euros thanks to the fines detached with the intervention of fixed and mobile speed cameras. The MEP and councilor of the League Silvia Sardoni has in fact confirmed everything by giving the news that starting from Monday there will also be a garrison against the Area B, restricted traffic area of ​​Milan, where many fines have been issued.

149,374 infringements detected by fixed speed cameras and 3199 those detected by mobile speed cameras. The average is 847 fines per day for a total of € 73,000 fines daily throughout Italy. The problem is not the speed cameras, but those who do not respect the signs and put their own life and that of others at risk. If this money were invested in road maintenance, all roads in Italy would be in excellent condition. Instead it is not like that.


The area of ​​Milan that makes people talk, that’s why and what will change

In particular M5S and Cgil they lined up against the B area of ​​Milan, in this area, the suspension of controls and the measure has been requested for at least one year, but for the moment there is no news about it. The news should arrive in January, when the topic will be discussed in the classroom and then there will be the resolution.

Meanwhile, the topic is under discussion and evaluationMayor Giuseppe Sala is trying to find a suitable solution to solve the problem to recognize the facility for all metropolitan citizens who have faced the expense of buying a new car to be able to access restricted traffic areas without paying.

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