VW Builds Motorized Office Chair With More Features Than Some Cars

Think you have a sweet office chair? Frankly, we don’t know What the VW folks in Norway thought, but we suspect some of the engineers are going a little crazy as winter approaches. How else can you describe a motorized heated office chair with headlights, stereo and backup camera? And that’s not even half the features on this high-end office furniture.

This is a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle product in Norway, and yes, it is real. Just called chair, it has a top speed of 12 mph thanks to a single electric motor that drives behind front big wheel. By the way, those are four-inch aluminum wheels; they also control the steering, and with a fully charged battery these seats have a range of 7.4 miles. That should be enough to cover a trip to the bathroom for at least a week, even for those who are constantly trying to avoid a very grumpy boss.

Once seated in the seat and strapped on (there are seat belts of course), this luxury seat pilot really has a bunch of gear within reach. LED headlights and strip lights illuminate the dark alleys. A horn alerts a negligent coworker to gossip in the water cooler about your presence. If that fails, turn on the stereo and disturb them to match. On those rare occasions when the office staff likes your music, the chairs also have flashing party lights. And if things are really fun, there’s a hitch in the back to pull the barrels from the boss’s closet into the break room.

Through it all, the infotainment system gives you information about what’s going on with the seat. It includes a 360-degree sensor and a backup camera, which is perfect for capturing Bill trying to sneak another one kick me mark on your back. Not today Num. Not today.

No, you can’t go to your local Volkswagen dealer (or any cool furniture store) and buy one. This was only one time created to help advertise VW’s line of commercial vans and vehicles, and the tactic definitely worked because here we are, writing about it. It’s certainly not as great as Caddy or ID. Buzz, but seats will be our only option to enter the next office Olympics round.

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