Pikaboost, turn your bike into electric: it’s very simple

With Pikaboost your old bicycle can become a modern e-bike: find out how to do it thanks to this low cost kit.

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If you fancy one electric bikebut you do not want to spend the money necessary to purchase a new vehicle, do not despair because now there is the method for you.

Pikaboost is the undoubtedly original name found by the US company Livall for a kit that allows you to also transform your old bicycle into a new fully electric bike. Easy to assemble and use, it revolutionizes your mobility without breaking the bank.

In an age where fuel prices have skyrocketed, buying a car is no longer as simple as it once was and not to mention the environmental issue, using an electric bicycle can be the best way to save money. end of the month and in the meantime lend a hand to the environment.

How Pikaboost works, the kit that transforms the old bike into electric

The operation of Pikaboost it is very simple and, after all, it is already suggested to us by its particular name. The device that comes in the package must be placed directly on the tube where the saddle is located. At that point, as you can see from the following video, you can start pedaling to immediately get a significant boost in your pace.

What does Pikaboost promise? Speaking of autonomy we are faced with a device capable of giving you one assisted pedaling up to 30 kilometers with a single charge. The batteries, of course, are integrated into the device and regenerate under braking.

The power delivered comes automatically modified according to the type of terrain, giving you a greater boost on dirt and normal delivery on asphalt. And there’s more: because Pikaboost also works as a practical one powerbank for your electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allowing you to easily recharge them.

The button placed on the body allows you to turn the turbo on or off when you need it: if you think you can do without it for a while, just push the button to stop the power supply completely and save energy. You can handle it however you want and make your old bike something completely new.

Technically speaking we are facing with 18 battery cells of 13 Wh each which, as we have said, ensure a standard range of around 30 kilometers.

Pikaboost mounted
Pikaboost mounted on old bike – Motori.news

Let’s move on to the detail that finally interests you most: how much does this magical system cost? Pikaboost is currently offered at introductory price of only 299 dollars (300 euros): subsequently, the cost will rise to 599 dollars (600 euros).

Considering the average prices of a new e-bike, it is advisable to immediately take advantage of the introductory offer to save a lot compared to buying a normal electric bicycle. Your mobility will benefit and, above all, the environment as well.

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