Vibration from the seat, the problem does not come from where you think: but it is much worse

Vibrations from the car seat are an annoying and surprisingly very common problem. The real cause? Let’s find out together.

Seat vibrations
Seat vibrations – Motori.News

Have you ever heard of vibrations directly from the seat of your car? Naturally, we are talking about those cases in which you are on an asphalted, non-slippery road, in which the car’s progress should be regular and not subject to jolts or vibrations.

If so, you must have asked yourself what causes this annoying defect. The causes can be many: from trifles and serious engine problems. A fundamental rule for every motorist, remember, is that any small change from a normal situation is a warning sign that should not be underestimated.

So in case your seat you begin to vibrate in an inexplicable way do not underestimate it and do not think it will resolve itself. You will do well to try to identify the cause and, if necessary, ask your trusted workshop for advice who will certainly be able to hunt for the origin of the problem.

In the meantime, let’s try to give you some suggestions, so as to do a little investigation to assess if you really need to bring the car to have it checked.

Seat vibrations: the causes? Let’s see them together

You may not have known that, but the engine positioned inside the hood it is housed in a steel metal structure: an important part of the entire structure is represented by small rubber supports that serve to cushion the natural vibrations of the thermal and make the interior of the car livable while driving.

Engine problems
Engine problems –

What happens then if these supports should get damaged or even break? You would discover an increase in vibrations starting right from your seat: it is the most common symptom of this kind of problem, along with mysterious and disturbing metallic noises.

The vibrations occur while driving, accentuating a lot in the passenger area. This is the first warning sign that should prompt you to pay a visit to your workshop right away.

Another symptom of something wrong with the engine is the generation of noises coming from the hood – in this case, the engine may have misaligned for some reason. Damaged media, incorrect assembly – all of this can be the cause of the noise. There is little to do, only a specialized technician can put everything back together.

Let’s move on to more severe cases. In a situation where the deterioration has lasted for a long time, the supports can be permanently damaged, which can cause movements inside the hood and therefore engine damage. You have to rush to the mechanic right away.

Checking by the mechanic
Mechanical control –

Finally, if you hear of the really excessive noise associated with some really strong vibrations then maybe you waited too long. Even more than before, it is necessary to go to a specialist immediately and hope that the damage is not too great.

There prevention is always the best method in order not to have to bear an excessive expense. At the first signs, therefore, do not hesitate and consult your mechanic: it could avoid worse problems in the future.

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