these are the cars at risk

Road safety focuses on airbags that are mounted on cars to ensure maximum protection for those who are driving and which in some cases, such as the one referred to, have done the exact opposite.

Recall to the airbags
Recall to the airbags – Motori.News

In recent days some vehicles have been recalled due to the death of two people, who were killed for it Inappropriate deployment of Takata airbags.

Because the withdrawal of the vehicles fitted with these airbags has begun

The news of the withdrawal left everyone speechless, especially since the warning came after the sad news that two airbags killed 2 people. Among other things it is likely that there is also a third death because it was a third person involved, in serious condition.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Ann Carson spoke out on the matter stated that Takata airbags should be recalled because there is a risk of explosion with the aging of the machines.

The first company to deal with the recall of vehicles due to defective airbags says there have been more than 100 million vehicles sold worldwide, recalled and withdrawn for safety reasons.

The vehicles affected by the recall are the Dodge Magnum, produced from 2005 to 2010, the Chrysler, the Changer and the Challenger.

What happened due to the explosion of the airbags

In total, this issue caused 30 deaths and 400 injuries. We all know that in some cases airbags are dangerous, because a possible explosion can be lethal, especially if children under the age of one year are involved. This is why in the event that children are seated in the car, on the right front seat, it is always recommended to deactivate them.

Usually in older cars the duration of the airbag is around 8, 10 years, in those of the latest generation it is about 15 years of duration. After this time the airbag may no longer work, this means that in the event of an accident, it may not work and not activate.

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