Tax peace for fines under € 1000, do this to get them all removed

There comes the moment that everyone is waiting for, we are talking about fiscal peace, which puts a point on all unpaid fines and more.

Tax peace
Tax peace –

It is a legal method that allows you to clear your debts and forget about it. The real drama of all motorists are the fines and unpaid stamps, but this is a matter to be addressed and taken with a grain of salt.

Apparently there is a way that allows you to clear up debts of up to € 1000. Just follow the practice, to clarify and define the situation once and for all.

Fiscal peace is the topic dealt with in the draft of the new tax decree which will save 3 million tax bills. Not everyone will be able to benefit from the fiscal Peace. Here is all the necessary information.

Delinquent motorists, road tax and unpaid fines, what will happen now

Delinquent motorists, who have open tax bills or notices of payment on road fines, unpaid road tax or miscellaneous insolvencies will receive a great deal of help from the new government. According to the first news, 60% of the debts could be subscribed, with the free or automatic cancellation of micro folders up to a maximum of € 1000.

The government’s maneuver will cut more or less a quarter of the payment notices thus affecting 3 million tax bills.


What are the debts that will soon be canceled from the registers thanks to the fiscal peace

Fiscal peace was thought of as total debt cancellation, therefore the cancellation of all the deeds entrusted to the Revenue Agency over the years. In these weeks, the cancellation of the fines and more will take place, included in the period from January 1st 2000 to December 31st 2010.

The files that are part of this period will be completely canceled and the debt will be extinguished. As regards the tax bills included in the period from 1 January 2001, as at 31 December 2017 for amounts exceeding € 1000 we will have to wait because the folder can be scrapped in the following period. The payment of debts not involved in the fiscal peace, can be paid in a single installment, or in 10 installments divided over 5 years if needed.

Fiscal peace is just what everyone has been waiting for especially in a difficult period like the one we are experiencing, due to the increase in costs anyone has difficulty making it to the end of the month or simply shopping. For these benefits they are welcome.

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