Driving Hands-Free Level 2+ BMW 7 Series Powered By Here

When BMW unveiled the new 7 Series in April, the automaker mentioned that its flagship model would get active driver assistance technology. Not only that, the 7er will also get a new Level 2+ hands-free driving system.

And while we’ve tested the Level 2+ system on our prototype 7 Series test drive prior to global launch, which we found quite intuitive, BMW has revealed additional information about the new technology. In a release, BMW said that the technology will use the Here HD Live Map, the company’s high-definition maps.

BMW HD Live Map Here For 7 Series
BMW HD Live Map Here For 7 Series

According to BMW, use of the Here HD Live Map will allow hands-free driving in the US and Canada. Here is one of the first companies in the world to provide high definition maps for Level 2+ automated driving capabilities in series production vehicles.

For the record, the new BMW 7 Series 2023 is said to be the first vehicle to launch SAE Level 2+ automatic drive at speeds of up to 85 miles per hour (137 kilometers per hour) in the US and Canada.

What’s new in Here’s Live Maps HD? Apparently, the map provides a rich, highly accurate and fresh layer of data so the vehicle will know exactly where it is on the road and what road features lie ahead. It acts as a redundant source of information that works with the Series 7 sensors.

It also allows the Series 7 to use Predictive Routing, which is a cloud-based routing function that studies individual driving patterns to propose more personalized trips. It also uses Real Time Traffic in 70 countries.

BMW says that the Level 2+ hands-free driving system will be available at other Bimmers as the technology expands.

The first customer deliveries of the new Series 7 in the United States are scheduled for November this year.

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