Speed ​​cameras, do you want to avoid being fined forever? With this trick you don’t get one anymore

Speed ​​cameras are the nightmare of any motorist in the world, especially since the points license came into effect, anyone who is afraid of being caught while exceeding the speed limits.

Speed ​​Cameras
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The risk is to be subtracted several points, to even remain at zero which it’s a problem because you can’t drive anymore. To recover the points then you have to wait for years or attend courses that allow you to get them all back in just 15 days by spending hundreds of euros.

Unfortunately, the fault does not always lie with the careless motorist. Often, the main cause is cars, the most modern ones have hybrid electric power supplies, turbocharged engines, they are very quiet, so picking up speed without realizing it and finding yourself beyond limits is quite easy.

The usefulness of speed cameras

The times of the Panda 750 with which at 90 km per hour seemed to travel at 200 km per hour they are quite far. But since then, it is not only the mechanics of cars that have changed, things have changed 360 °. You have to be careful practically everywhere, because speed cameras are not only located outside the cities, but also at traffic lights.

So the first thing to do, always, is to respect the rules not only to avoid getting fines but also for your own safety and that of others. This is the purpose of speed cameras, which aim to reduce or prevent accidents, which in Italy are the common cause of death under the age of 45. Not necessarily to get a fine you have to be on the highway and drive at 130 km per hour. You can get fines even in the city, where the limits set are 30 km per hour or 50.

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How to evade speed cameras using technology

If you really can’t help but exceed the limit imposed on the road we are traveling on, we can make use of some electronic tools that mark the presence of speed cameras in order to reduce your speed when you are close. In some cases these are electronic gadgets that are installed on the dashboard, for example the Mini drive that signals speed cameras on all motorways in Europe.

Then there are the free applications that are installed on any Android or Apple smartphone, which have a detailed map and which indicate the active fixed speed cameras. Unfortunately, at least until now, these apps are unable to report temporary or mobile speed cameras. They are very useful because they inform not only about the presence of speed cameras, but also on the speed limits and on the speed at which the vehicle travels using the GPS.

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