Vintage Chevy C20 Longhorn Camper Truck Has Skull That Shoots Flames

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Vintage Chevrolet pickup trucks are a hot commodity right now, but none hotter than this 1968 C20 Longhorn. This is a beautifully restored rig currently for sale Bring A Trailer, and with four days left in the auction (since this article was posted on February 28), the bid price is already $34,700. But as the photo above clearly shows, these 54 year old camping horrors are hot for other, more literal reasons.

Yes, there is a strange flamethrower in the long horned skull muzzle on the hood. We’re not talking about military-style flamethrowers here, which is almost certainly illegal for anything that doesn’t belong to the government. This one is propane-fueled with a relatively short range, but still, it’s a very dramatic feature on a conservative-looking Chevy with a camper shell on the back.

In this case, the conservative style is an excellent attribute. We often see old pickups that have been restomoded, but according to auction listings, this 1968 three-quarter tonne truck still uses the original equipment. That includes a 396 cubic-inch V8 under the hood, drum brakes on all four wheels, and a four-speed manual transmission with a mile-long shift lever in a majestic green/white interior. The color scheme matches the vintage Franklin camper shell on the back; it was modified slightly to fit the Chevy’s 8.5ft pickup bed, but otherwise, it’s beautifully restored like a truck

1968 Chevrolet C20 Longhorn Pickup With Camper
1968 Chevrolet C20 Longhorn Pickup With Camper

We offer several photos here, but the auction listing includes more than 200 images that show almost every aspect of this classic camping combo. The camper is packed with wood trim and ’60s colors for the fabric, including more green in the fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. The dining area is converted into a bed, with an extra bunk bed above it. You’ll find a third bed above the truck cab, and if you want to sunbathe on the roof, an external staircase will take you there.

As for the truck, the photo shows pictures from the restoration process as well as a collection of original documents. To handle the camper’s weight, the C20 gets air suspension and a Cheetah tag axle at the rear. The auction listing isn’t clear on whether the flame-throwing skull was part of the original build, but it sure makes roasting marshmallows easier.

The auction is scheduled to end on March 4. Can anyone guess what this fire-filled history of American automotive history will bring?


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