Porsche Taycan Production Milestone Reached: 100,000 EVs Built

Porsche signaled its intention to jump on the electric bandwagon in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show where it unveiled the Mission E concept. It wasn’t until September 2019 when production of the road-going Taycan series began, and three years later, the 100.00th The EV has been assembled. A Turbo S painted in Neptune Blue, the milestone car was assembled on November 7 and is on its way to customers from the UK.

Porsche says the US, China and the UK/Republic of Ireland are the most popular markets for the Taycan. Shipments have slowed this year due to supply chain bottlenecks, with 25,073 EVs delivered to customers in the first nine months of the year, 12 percent less than in the same period in 2021. Sneak peek from Zuffenhausen says the delay has not slowed down demand for the sedan/wagon duo. electricity because the order book “remains large.”

Coinciding with the news of the production milestone are details on some examples of high mileage. Transport entrepreneur Jean-Hubert Revolon purchased the Taycan 4S in mid-August 2020 and has covered 188,119 kilometers (116,891 miles). He lives in France in the Lyon area and often drives to neighboring countries, covering 1,200 km (746 miles) in one day.

Guillaume Takvorian, a pharmacist from Marseille, also owns a Taycan 4S since June 2020. He has managed to cover 113,977 km (70,822 miles) during his business trip to the south of France. He also happens to own a 911 Targa and loves the sound of its petrol engine, though he also enjoys the silence of the electric sedan during long trips.

Another relevant example comes from inside Porsche when the company’s Head of Body Planning, Markus Kreutel, did 134,911 km (83,830 miles) in the company’s Taycan Turbo between February 2021 and August 2022. Daily mileage up to 1,500 km (932 miles) of heaven Not a problem for EV performance during its frequent business trips involving trips from Zuffenhausen to Slovakia or the Ore Mountains.

Journalists at Auto Bid also destroyed the 100,000 km barrier with the Taycan 4S in an endurance test that began on October 17, 2020, and ended earlier this month. Speaking of German magazines, Auto Motorcycle and Sports recently took delivery of the Cross Turismo 4 for its long-range test fleet with the aim of covering 100,000 km (62,137 miles) over a maximum period of two years.

What’s next for the Taycan? Well, recent spy shots show that Porsche is working on a higher-performance version to take on the Tesla Model S Plaid.

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