“We can win! And yet from the 4th race …” Bitterness and tears for the Suzuki rider

The last race of 2022 goes to Alex Rins with a Suzuki in retirement. The Spaniard still wonders why.

Alex Rins and Suzuki, the latest triumph – MotoriNews

The Valencia Grand Prix was thelast round of an intense season MotoGP 2022. But it was also the final round of Suzuki in the World Championship, the end of a story that started again full time in 2015. After the tests a Jerez however the heads of the factory in Japan took everyone in counterattack announcing the end of the MotoGP period with the last race of the year. An exit from the scene with the best possible result, given that Alex Rins had no rivals in the race! Emotions However lovebeing precisely the end of a good story … A situation that still raises doubts and perplexity.

Rins in tears before the start

Absolute domination from start to finish. The excellent shot at the start, always in the lead, until the big final party. Alex Rins gave Suzuki one final joy, a final triumph before closing a crucial period. The Spaniard made his MotoGP debut with the Hamamatsu brand and has always dressed in those colors, right up to the exciting GP in Valencia. “On the grid I was saying goodbye to my mechanics … And I started crying bitterly” admitted # 42. It then took all of her willpower to focus again and think about the race. The result, however, was really the best possible, even if she just leaves thebitterness in the mouth thinking it was the end of a journey. Tomorrow he will pass to the new team, LCR Honda, to face a decidedly demanding challenge. But she will do it with a heavy heart. “I’m excited for the new adventure, but also sad in fact admitted Rins. “Six years with Suzuki … But it’s not a situation that depends on me.”

Suzuki, why?

“We proved once again that with Suzuki we can win! But in the fourth race they decided to stop … “ There is some embarrassment for Alex Rins at a press conference due to a very specific question: “Don’t you think this victory underlines how ridiculous and irrational the retirement is?” “You said it, not me!” Rins then takes the diplomatic path. “I have always given my all for Suzuki. We have been told that they have other plans for the future and I have to respect that. It’s not easy, we are competitive … “ The sudden announcement came after the tests a Jerez it hurt him a lot, and he continues to hurt him. Both he and Joan Mir already had it pen in hand to renew again with the brand of Hamamatsu. And he instead he was forced to look around and sign with another team. But first he still wants something from Suzuki. My bike! Rins said. But not any, the last. “There were all the names of the mechanics, the messages from the fans … It was exciting.”

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