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We all know that owning a car comes with a lot of obligations. However, anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car without complying with these legal obligations is exposed to many risks.

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pay attention to your insurance –

The highway code tells us and shows us what the duties and rights of all those who use the roads are. First, there are often penalties for cars, motorcycles and people traveling on wheeled vehicles, as well as for pedestrians who do not respect certain rules. In fact, we need to be careful everywhere and at all times.

All singles rules of the highway code they must be respected, but some are so important that their non-observance can lead to heavy fines and, in some cases, to the license suspension.

And in this case we are talking about thecar insurance. Driving your own vehicle without car insurance is considered by the law to be punishable in a very serious form.

Fines for inattention

The law and the Highway Code require us to insure our means of transport through the notorious Rca (motor vehicle liability), that is a policy that gives us the opportunity to drive safely and to be able to rest assured in the event of road accidents, since the insurance covers the damage that we may cause to our things or even to people.

This makes us understand how essential it is to have insurance for our vehicles, even if it is “unpleasant”.

If we unintentionally cause serious or permanent harm to an individual, the policy will cover all costs and consequently give that person compensation that will allow them to continue living a life of dignity.

Insurance check –

Your car insurance covers the civil liability of the person who was driving at the time of the accident and, of course, the same insurance company you rely on (and pay for) will also pay for the damages.

The maximum compensation is 6 million euros for personal injury and 1.22 million euros for damage to property.

If you are caught driving without insurance: the consequences

It can happen that you are checked by the police (or have an accident and the police intervene) and find that you do not have car insurance in order. If this happens, you will be issued a fine that can leave you from 849 euros up to 3,396 euros. But, if you manage to escape the fine within 15 days of notification, you will be able to pay the 50% less.

But not only: if you are surprised without a license twice over a period of 24 months, the fine goes up from 1,698 euros to a maximum of 6,792 euroswith also the consequence of the withdrawal of the license for about one or two months.

And to top it off “with a flourish”, the car will be seized and placed in a place where it will not disturb anyone and cannot be used until you can prove that you have RCA insurance.

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