For sale a unique Ferrari F50, it belonged to him: Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher, very strong emotion: it is about to happen and the fans are already moved. Each time is a breath of the past.

Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50 –

Although Michael Schumacher has started a new life away from everyone since the day of the snow accident in Méribel nearly nine years ago, fans are still close to him. All the more so when pieces of his story come to mind, like one Ferrari F50 that once belonged to him and will now be sold.

His name is enough to evoke very fond memories in the fans of the red team. Because it was the mid 90’s, it was in this period that the era of the German champion began in Maranello. In his very personal private collection, he has never lacked iconic models of the Modenese manufacture, while preserving them as true works of art.

The Ferrari F50 remained in Schumacher’s garage from 1997 to 1999, when a Japanese private collector bought it, and now the same collector has decided to put it up for sale. She has therefore recently arrived in England and after the service she is ready for her new owner.

A unique and unmissable opportunity

It is for sale on the site DK Engineering the Ferrari F50, used by Michael Schumacher. It is one of the 349 series carsended up in the garages of celebrities and some of Maranello’s best customers. Willi Weberbought one of these cars, Michael Schumacher’s manager, who discovered the talent of the German driver and soon had him under his wing.

Earlier this year, they shipped the car from Japan to DK Engineering in the UK, and upon arrival it received treatment for a major full service. With little more than 3,750 km on its odometer today, the car remains in excellent condition.

Michael Schumacher –

A unique supercar

As if its performance wasn’t enough, what really set the F50 apart from its competitors at the time was its body style. open-topwhich allowed buyers to choose between the enclosed comfort of a Berlinetta or the thrill of an open-top sports car, and no open-top sports car on sale at the time could possibly compare to the performance of the F50.

Interestingly, the dashboard of the car is signed by the late Sergio Pininfarina, who passed away in 2012. There is no estimate of the model’s value and it is left to private negotiations. A great opportunity for the richest fans. The cars for sale are associated with two of the most famous characters in the history of the Prancing Horse.

More recently the car was exhibited at the art fair Masterpiece London 2022. His presence was immensely well received and the first opportunity for many to be close to the last built F-car.

In the history of Ferrari, no driver is as revered or celebrated as Michael Schumacher and to this day he is considered one of the greatest racing drivers who have ever competed. Schumacher has used and appreciated this F50 many times during his time with the Scuderia and was certainly a much loved member of the collection.

This represents aunmissable opportunity to buy a fantastic example of the most famous Ferrari supercar of the 90s, owned by our most famous driver.

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