Insurance, this is the only case you can drive with the policy expired: nobody knows

If you need to go out by car but have expired insurance you have to be careful as this can become a problem.

Expired insurance
Expired insurance – Motori.News

Certainly the news that follows it will make many Italians happybecause there is a rule that can save you from fines in case of using a vehicle that has expired insurance, which we should all know.

There is a limited period within which the uninsured vehicle can be used, let’s find out what it is.

Car insurance, what do you risk if you leave without coverage

Meanwhile, it is important to say that insurance is essential, it covers the motorist in the event of accidents, so before getting behind the wheel, whether it is your own car or someone else’s, you must make sure that it is paid and that everything is in order. You may be able to use the car with insurance that has expired for 15 days only if the insurance policy you paid has annual coverage.

Whoever comes out with expired insurance, knowingly or unknowingly, can have very serious and heavy consequences in case of control by the police. There is not only the risk of receiving a hefty fine, the risk is also the seizure of the car. The law does not admit ignorance.

Of this topic article 193 of the Highway Code speaks, which says motor vehicles cannot travel without third party insurance coverage. Coverage is typically valid for one year and must be renewed upon expiry. Until 2012 the renewal took place automatically, with the abolition of the tacit renewal instead now the motorist must subscribe a new policy as soon as this expiresAnd. The motorist has the possibility to continue with the same insurance company as always or to inquire with another to get advantageous offers as a new customer. Today it is also possible to request quotes online where you can save much more.

What to do if the insurance has expired

The expiry date of the insurance is indicated on all contracts, if it is an annual insurance there is a grace period of 15 days, during these 15 days the insurance company acts as guarantor and then it covers the car until a new contract is signed.

All of this has been thought of and put in place to try to facilitate oversights or delays related to bureaucracy. All other insurances, for example temporary policies, do not have the possibility to take advantage of the 15-day grace period, so if the insurance has expired, it is necessary to renew or open a new policy elsewhere.

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