MotoGP, Yamaha takes stock: the carrot and the stick for Franco Morbidelli

Yamaha still hopes for the title with Fabio Quartararo. In addition to observing Franco Morbidelli: is the ascent close?

Yamaha “wand” Franco Morbidelli – MotoriNews

A year full of ups and downs for Yamaha. The treble all came with just one driver, Fabio Quartararo. Although from Assen he began to feel the pressure, committing some mistake then decisive. There mathematics keeps the French champion at stake, but the second consecutive MotoGP title looks like a lot hard. However, hopes are still alive, at least until checkered flag of the race on Sunday. Massimo Meregalli took the opportunity to draw a balance of the 2022 season. He supports his winning ace, but there are a few dig directed to Franco Morbidelli… Even if it doesn’t negate some signals encouraging for the next year.

Yamaha praises Quartararo

“Now it is all or nothing said Meregalli. “There is nothing more to manage, we only think about the victory.” The advantage accumulated with so much effort in the first part of the championship is officially vanished, indeed now Quartararo is the pursuer. With only one GP left, 23 points appear to be a very difficult mountain to climb. But as said, Yamaha believes it and so is its flagship driver. Even if Meregalli admits the problems faced by the French driver during the year. A technical package below expectations, which had thrown ashadow on the whole team. But not only. “At Ducati there are many, they exchange data. Fabio has no one to deal with to improve. “ The message is clearly for Franco Morbidelli, which is ending a distinctly subdued season. Quartararo himself expected a Help from his box mate, indeed several times he asked openly, without success.

“Old Franco has been seen again”

Yamaha would have liked much more from its second pilot. Morbidelli is back after a serious injury, but I expected him progress they haven’t seen each other. But maybe there is some sign of hopewhich Meregalli hopes will also be confirmed in this last GP of the season. “Franco made gods good progress in Sepang “ indicated the Yamaha team director. “He always struggles in qualifying, but he went better there too. He did his most beautiful race despite the double penalty. “ Comforting signs not only for the team. “We know what it can do, these are important steps above all for himself added Meregalli, then adding to the dose. “In Malaysia we saw old Franco again.” That will come back 2020 version, capable of giving a hard time with the less updated Yamaha? The team, and Quartararo, await him for 2023.

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