Quartararo bows to his rival: “We always talk about Ducati, but he’s the best!”

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Fabio Quartararo, an impossible feat? GP Valencia from all or nothing. There is no shortage of praise for the opponent Pecco Bagnaia.

Fabio Quartararo ‘all-in’ – MotoriNews

World match point, the season ends in Valencia and also the race foriris MotoGP. Fabio Quartararoreigning champion, appears close to relinquishing the hard-won crown in 2021. The disadvantage of 23 points compared to Pecco Bagnaia it is remarkable, with 25 still at stake. He would need a real one cataclysm to allow him to secure an encore… The Yamaha rider will give everything he has to provoke it, however put pressure on to the opponent. For which, however, he has only that words of praise for what has been done during the championship.

Quartararo promises battle

But the season will end on Sunday, with the checkered flag decreeing the end of the race in Valencia. TO Fabio Quartararo it takes a victory, with an error by Pecco Bagnaia, to take the title. Scenario that would do tremble Ducati, but in the meantime the champion Yamaha he is determined to do his part. “I’m not in the best situation, but the goal is only one, then happen what must happen. “ Quartararo thus approaches the grand finale at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo. With also a injured finger after the accident in Malaysia. “At the moment it doesn’t bother me” pilot # 20 said. “But at the end of the season I will have an operation, if only to get back a normal finger. “ In fact, at the moment it cannot be said that it is … But Quartararo does not care, the attention is all for the last weekend of the season. There is an (almost) impossible undertaking to try.

Quartararo vs Bagnaia, who will win? – MotoriNews

Honor to the rival

Fabio Quartararo against Pecco Bagnaia. The latter two points from glory, while the reigning champion must avoid the grand finale at home Ducati. But there is no lack of demonstrations of respect between the two opponents. Bagnaia praised it mental strengthQuartararo was no less. “We always talk about Ducati, but he is the best! “ stressed ‘El Diablo’. To indicate a motorcycle of course very fast, currently the best of the lot in MotoGP. but driven by a pilot who he knows his stuff. Quartararo, however, has tried with all his strength, despite the means clearly inferior compared to the red fireball. Yet the challenge is between them two, to indicate once more that the motorbikedespite all the current technology, It’s not all. Who will be the new world champion? Soon the track will speak.