you don’t even get half a ticket anymore

The speed cameras installed in Italy, both on motorways and on extra-urban roads, detect the excesses of speed of cars and motorcycles without losing any.

Speed ​​cameras, if you do this they never catch you
Speed ​​cameras, if you do this they never catch you –

For this reason they are so hated by motorists and motorcyclists that they cannot ride free and carefree because they are forced to pay attention to every detail if they do not want to pay more than hefty fines for an excess.

Apparently there is a method that works, which allows you to evade speed cameras, it is a trick that not everyone knows, but which can save us a lot of money by avoiding various fines. In times of crisis, fines caused by speed cameras are a real problem, which is why knowing every trick can change your life.

Methods that don’t work and that endanger your own life and that of other motorists

Going at speed in front of the speed camera, means a safe sanction, among other things also a high sanction. Many put in place the trick of slowing down at the endor, noticing shortly before the presence of the speed detector. This behavior is common, but it is not only dangerous, it is also useless because it is often not possible to reach the fixed limit for which you still receive the fine.

In the meantime, there is a serious risk of causing accidents and rear-end collisions, putting both one’s life and that of other motorists at risk. It must be said that speed limits must always be respected, for safety reasons. The limits imposed by law are as follows, 50 km per hour in urban centers, 110km / h on extra-urban roads, 90 on secondary roads and 130km / h on motorways.

All these limits do not apply to new drivers, who if they do not respect the law not only receive dizzying fines, but also risk losing many points from their driving license, that is double compared to those who have had a driving license for more than two years.


How to avoid the speed camera, what are the fines you risk based on exceeding the speed limits

Here’s the trick to avoiding speed camera detection. If you do not want to receive hefty fines, you must be careful to exceed the speed limit by only 10 km, returned to the kilometers of tolerance. You must never exceed even one kilometer per hour to pay nothing.

Those who exceed the limit from 40 to 60 km per hour receive fines from 544 to € 2174, plus the deduction of points from the license, while those who just go over 10 km per hour must pay a fine ranging from 42 to 173 €. In the end those who travel up to 40 km per hour is forced to pay a fine ranging from € 173 up to € 695.

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